Thursday, June 8

Chiang Mai Update No. 2 08/06/17

Hello everyone, what a jam packed couple of days!

Yesterday we went to an arts and crafts village and painted Thai umbrellas using different patterns. Then we had dinner at a beautiful restaurant where we were treated to traditional northern Thai food and dance show. We were even invited to have a dance ourselves!

After a good night's sleep, today we began our day with cooking lessons where we made a range of Thai dishes included Spring Rolls, Thai Green Curry and Som Tam. Aroi mak! After filling up with our home made food, we took our bus to a Water Buffalo Farm where we were taught how rice is pounded and separated from its husk. We then went into a rice paddy before we had a huge, mud water fight / swim!

Finally, we ended our day with a trip to a delicious restaurant and an explore of the Chiang Mai Night Bazaar, where many of the children bought gifts for their loved ones (including, luckily, some of their teachers. I was delighted to receive a bracelet and cat statue!)

Grace - "I liked making the food, it was yummy. My favourite dish was the coconut curry."
Sandee - "That chicken was so good, I ate all of it on my own since no one wanted it."

Tuesday, June 6

Chiang Mai Update #1 06/06/07

As I type, the tables are going away in our sleeper carriage and the beds are coming down. Everything has run on time thus far and the children are in excellent spirits. We have enjoyed a delicious dinner of fried rice, soup and a banana muffin.

Aeryn - "The first train was fun but I feel really achy."
Charlotte - "The first  train was exciting but I'm glad to be on here (Chiang Mai train) now"
Sun - "My favorite part is right now, being on the Chiang Mai train."
Laaiqah - "I want to go to bed."

We are all looking forward to a shower at the hostel and our first day in Chiang Mai!

Parents, unless it is an emergency, please refrain from contacting the children during the day as it will distract them from their activity or during a time when we are travelling and require their attention. More updates on the blog to follow tomorrow night!

Mr George, Mr Carr & Khun Pia

Friday, March 24

Mufti-Day & Changing States

Year 6 have come into school today in a range of get ups to show what they might like to be when they grow up! We have doctors, lawyers, tech CEOs, gamers, painters and football players to name a few.

As part of our Changing States unit, we've been doing some exciting experiments in class! 

First we learnt about dissolving and we conducted an investigation to see what type of sugar dissolved the fastest; caster, brown or white sugar. 

Next we did an experiment to separate salt from polluted water. We had to sieve, filter and evaporate to get our final product.