Friday, January 27

Australia Day, by Pippa, Lea, Ronnit and Ronnie

As our current Connected Learning topic is Australia, on Australia Day (Thursday, January 26th), we got to learn lots more about the vast island by conducting a wealth of Australian themed activities. During the day, we rotated between a variety of activities, including playing Aussie Rules football (a child friendly version with our local expert - Mr Garth), making lamington cakes, creating Aborigine inspired art and our personal favourite activity: boomerang making!

We enjoyed a taster session in the secondary DT lab, where Mr Man helped us use cool new tools to cut, file and sand our boomerangs.

For lunch, in true Australian style, we held a 'barbie' (Australian word for barbecue) where some BBQ experts cooked up burgers for a Year 6 picnic.

Thank you to all the teachers who helped make this day amazing for Year 6.

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