Tuesday, October 24

Community Service at GIS

On Thursday the 12th, both Y6 classes went to spend the day at Hand to Hand Foundation in Pattaya, https://www.facebook.com/handtohandpattaya/

Hand to Hand is a foundation created by Ms Margaret that provides a safe environment for children in need. Ms Margie and her team, by helping one child at a time, truly make a difference.

As part of their Community Service project the Y6s and IBs students had organised a charity drive to collect rice and the students were very eager to deliver the collection.

It took them a while to charge  the bags of rice in the buses!

Can you guess the total amount of rice we brought?

After a short trip, we arrived at the foundation. 

The students were very excited.
 Ms Margaret introduced them to their buddy with the only recommendation to act like big brothers or sisters. 

Most of the children who are supported by Hand to Hand live in broken families and sometimes don't even have a mum or dad to look after them. 
Hand to Hand provides them with a safe environment where they can be children again, where they learn and play and get fed.

The children and their new friends were then split into 4 groups and could participate in a range of activities. 

Helping a friend when he can't hear can be a challenge but patience, care and a big smile always make a difference!

Look at the camera!

Look who I've found!

If you get the opportunity to visit Hand to Hand and spend some time with the children, you will be amazed by their happiness and the joy and gratefulness they demonstrate. They aren't sad, poor children.  

Spending the day with them has been an amazing opportunity. 

Our students have been extremely caring and kind, making sure that their buddy was having a great time. 
They sang, played and ate together. It was very touching to see bonds forming and how quickly the children from Hand to Hand trusted the students, holding hands, looking for a hug or smile.
We have been extremely proud of the Y6s behaviour and impressed by the empathy they showed. 

When we discussed the day, while the children were napping, the students had to come up with one thing they found challenging and one thing they liked: communication was one of the challenge they faced and running after the little ones was another. 
However playing, sharing and laughing with their buddy was the most enjoyable part of their time.

Everyone was sad when we had to head back to school. 

However, the idea of organising their venue for GIS Christmas Fair on December 2 has brought back a smile on everybody's face.

Thank you Y6 for such an amazing time, you are wonderful students and we are delighted to be your teachers!

Mr Andrew and Ms Laurence

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